Nova Scotia, May 2002
Nova Scotia ferry ride and drive, May 2002. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Nova Scotia lighthouse.

Blog Entries for Nova Scotia, May 2002:
May 2002
5/19/2002 Nova Scotia - Ferry ride from Maine to Nova Scotia. international

Blog Entries for other Around New England:
July 2021
7/8/2021 What's Old - Images from Canon 1D Mark II 2004-08. cardinal, owl
May 2008
5/16/2008 Goldfinch - I saw some goldfinches at dusk in South Dakota, but the image is from Massachusetts. goldfinch
June 2007
6/7/2007 Photo of the Year - Bluejay is the belated selection for Photo of the Year 2006. bluejay
February 2007
2/3/2007 Shoot the Moon - Shooting the Moon with 500mm and extender. astro
January 2007
1/7/2007 Upon Further Review - A harrier turns out to be an owl, Plum Island, Massachusetts. owl
December 2006
12/31/2006 New (to me) - A hawk shows up in my back yard. hawk
12/28/2006 Killer Chickadee - Hanging around the suet feeder at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary. bird
12/25/2006 Hanging - More 500mm shots. photography
12/20/2006 Lens Test - The big 500mm is unleashed on backyard birds. photography
12/19/2006 Camera Rotation - Goodbye to Canon S45 camera, hello to giant 500mm lens. photography
August 2006
8/20/2006 Old and New - Old image of cardinal and new image of bluejay. bird
8/12/2006 What now? - Hunting blind in my back yard…for bird photography. bird
8/10/2006 Dragonfly - Shooting dragonflys at Stony Brook Refuge, Mass Audobon. dragonfly
July 2006
7/18/2006 The Turkey Diaries - Turkeys in my yard 2000-2007 bird
7/15/2006 Phases - Shooting the waning Moon. astro
7/1/2006 Rose-breasted Grosbeak - Grosbeaks and Goldfinches in the back yard. bird
June 2006
6/17/2006 Bluebird - Digiscoping birds at Stony Brook Refuge, Mass Audobon. bird
6/11/2006 Sun and Moon - Trying out new digiscoping gadgets. astro
May 2006
5/19/2006 Digiscope - Experimenting with photographing chipmunks through a telescope. chipmunk
January 2006
1/8/2006 Lighthouses - Maine 2001-2004. lighthouse
September 2002
9/28/2002 Candidate - Who is eligible for the Heisman? football
May 2001
5/12/2001 Polar Bears - Providence Zoo. bear

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