Miscellaneous Southeast
Miscellaneous images from my drive to the Southeast, March 2008. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
St. Patrick´s Day at Hammond Stadium, spring training home of the Minnesota Twins in Ft. Myers, Florida. Daffodils signaling spring is on the way, Land Between the Lakes NRA, Kentucky.

Blog Entries for Miscellaneous Southeast:
March 2008
3/17/2008 Twinkies - St. Patrick's Day spring training game, Florida Marlins at Minnesota Twins in Fort Myers. baseball

Blog Entries for other Drive to the Southeast 2008:
August 2018
8/20/2018 Always tweaking - New processing of owl image taken in 2008. owl
March 2009
3/23/2009 Owls revisted - Florida owl image wins a prize. owl
December 2008
12/31/2008 Photo of the Year 2008 - Honeymoon Island owls are obvious choice for Photo of the Year 2008. owl
March 2008
3/29/2008 Lighten Up - Editing images of the Honeymoon Island owls. owl
3/25/2008 Something New - Land Between the Lakes NRA, western Kentucky and Tennessee. bison
3/23/2008 49 - More butterflies, and Alabama is my 49th state. butterfly
3/22/2008 Flutterby - Butterflies and a fox, Lower Suwannee NWR, Florida. butterfly
3/21/2008 Back Scratcher - More osprey, Honeymoon Island, Florida. osprey
3/20/2008 Best Owls Ever - Great Horned Owls and osprey, Honeymoon Island, Florida. owl, osprey
3/19/2008 Venice - Blue heron rookery in Venice, Florida. bird
3/18/2008 Ding - "Ding" Darling NWR, Sanibel Island, Florida. bird
3/15/2008 Warbirds - TICO Warbirds Air Show in Titusville, Florida. airshow
3/15/2008 Invader - Revisting TICO Warbirds 2008 airshow
3/13/2008 Alligator farm - St. Augustine Alligator Farm which also includes a bird rookery. alligator, bird
3/11/2008 Ft. Sumter - Site of first shots of the Civil War. military
3/10/2008 Washo Reserve - Nature Conservancy's Washo Reserve north of Charleston. alligator
3/9/2008 Charleston - First time in South Carolina. Old and new military installations and equipment. military
3/6/2008 Southeastward - I started my drive to Florida, stopping at Neal Smith NWR near Des Moines. bison

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