South Carolina
Sights around Charleston, South Carolina, March 2008. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Ft. Sumter, South Carolina. Ft. Sumter, South Carolina. Propeller on a model of a precursor to the Confederate submarine Hunley, Charleston, South Carolina. Naval gun at Patriotīs Point, Charleston Harbor, South Carolina. Flight deck of the USS Yorktown, Charleston, South Carolina. FA-18 Hornet on the deck of the USS Yorktown, Charleston, South Carolina.
USS Yorktown and the Ravenel Bridge, Charleston, South Carolina.

Blog Entries for South Carolina:
March 2008
3/11/2008 Ft. Sumter - Site of first shots of the Civil War. military
3/9/2008 Charleston - First time in South Carolina. Old and new military installations and equipment. military

Blog Entries for other Drive to the Southeast 2008:
August 2018
8/20/2018 Always tweaking - New processing of owl image taken in 2008. owl
March 2009
3/23/2009 Owls revisted - Florida owl image wins a prize. owl
December 2008
12/31/2008 Photo of the Year 2008 - Honeymoon Island owls are obvious choice for Photo of the Year 2008. owl
March 2008
3/29/2008 Lighten Up - Editing images of the Honeymoon Island owls. owl
3/25/2008 Something New - Land Between the Lakes NRA, western Kentucky and Tennessee. bison
3/23/2008 49 - More butterflies, and Alabama is my 49th state. butterfly
3/22/2008 Flutterby - Butterflies and a fox, Lower Suwannee NWR, Florida. butterfly
3/21/2008 Back Scratcher - More osprey, Honeymoon Island, Florida. osprey
3/20/2008 Best Owls Ever - Great Horned Owls and osprey, Honeymoon Island, Florida. owl, osprey
3/19/2008 Venice - Blue heron rookery in Venice, Florida. bird
3/18/2008 Ding - "Ding" Darling NWR, Sanibel Island, Florida. bird
3/17/2008 Twinkies - St. Patrick's Day spring training game, Florida Marlins at Minnesota Twins in Fort Myers. baseball
3/15/2008 Warbirds - TICO Warbirds Air Show in Titusville, Florida. airshow
3/15/2008 Invader - Revisting TICO Warbirds 2008 airshow
3/13/2008 Alligator farm - St. Augustine Alligator Farm which also includes a bird rookery. alligator, bird
3/10/2008 Washo Reserve - Nature Conservancy's Washo Reserve north of Charleston. alligator
3/6/2008 Southeastward - I started my drive to Florida, stopping at Neal Smith NWR near Des Moines. bison

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