Massachusetts - Former home, wildlife, Boston.


    • Massachusetts backyard habitat: My Massachusetts backyard circa 2001-07. [Photos]


    • Massachusetts: Around Massachusetts circa 1998-2007, wildlife, scenery, astrophotography. [Photos]
    • June 8, 2004 Venus Transit: Unlike the May 30, 2003 Annular Eclipse which I had to go to Iceland to view, I was able to see at least a part of the transit of Venus across the face of the Sun from my back yard. There were some clouds when I got up, but by the time my equipment was in place at 6:10 a.m. it was clear enough to see the black dot of Venus crawling across the face of the sun. In Europe they were able to see the full event, but from my location on the East Coast I saw about the last hour of it. Photos of the full sun were taken with a Canon 1D, 300mm f4 lens, stacked 1.4x and 2x teleconverters, ISO 200, exposure between 1/80 @ f11 and 1/100 @f16. There must have been a slight haze in the air because this was slower shutter speed than my tests the previous weekend. The closeup was taken with a digiscope consisting of a Meade ETX 125 telescope, a 20mm eyepiece, and a Canon S330 2-megapixel camera. I'm not sure of my calculations, but I think the view below is 135x. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Braintree Hawks: Since 2002, a pair of hawks has been raising babies in a tree within view of my office in Braintree, Mass. After single chicks in 2002 and 2003, the pair had twins in 2004. In 2005, they moved a little further away to a tree across the street. Here are images from all four years. Click on any thumbnail to start photo show at that point. [Photos]


    • Baseball: Favorite baseball images from 1998-2005. Spring training, Arizona Fall League, Fenway Park, other venues. [Photos] [Narrative]


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