Kansas - Hutchinson Cosmosphere and Salt Mine, wading birds around Quivira NWR.


    • Kansas: Shorebirds, Cheyenne Bottoms, Kansas, April 2008. Waterbirds, owl, Hutchinson salt mine. Also eagle's nest, Squaw Creek NWR, Missouri, April and May 2008. [Photos] [Narrative]


    • Kansas Cosmosphere: Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson July 2005, with followup visits in 2007 and 2018. Historic space vehicles Apollo 13 command module Odyssey, Gus Grissom's long-lost Mercury capsule Liberty Bell 7, and the Gemini X capsule. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Western Missouri, 2005: Around the Kansas City area, including Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge (Mound City), the Kansas City Zoo, and baseball venues, 2005. [Photos] [Narrative]


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