Red Fox
Argentina, South Dakota, Florida, Montana. Click on thumbnail to load larger image.
Fox in back yard eating a vole. Fox took off and jumped the fence when he saw me. Fox still looking at me. Fox in the back yard.
Fox checking out the bird bath.
Fox, Red Lodge, MT. Fox, Red Lodge, Montana. Fox, Red Lodge, Montana.  I usually donīt crop trailcam images, but the image was crooked and I had to straighten it. Fox. Fox.
Fox behind my new house, Red Lodge, MT. Fox near Luther, MT.
Fox near Luther, MT. Fox near Luther, MT.
A little fox observing me, Newton Hills State Park, SD. Fox heads for the woods, Newton Hills State Park, SD.
Fox, Lower Suwannee NWR, Florida.
A fox jogs past the tourist buses at the national park near Ushuaia.

18 Red Fox photos

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