Black-capped Chickadee
Massachusetts. Click on thumbnail to load larger image.
Chickadee, Lock & Dam 18, Gladstone, Illinois. Chickadee found something of interest in the snow, Lock & Dam 18, Gladstone, Illinois.
Backyard chickadee. Backyard chickadee. A shutter speed of 1/250 is quick enough to get a chickadee sitting on a branch, but not nearly fast enough to freeze a tufted titmouse thinking about landing on the same branch. Backyard chickadee. Backyard chickadee. Backyard chickadee.
The chickadee on the left didn’t want to share the branch, so the other one tried to escape by hiding under the branch.  The correct part of the scene is not visible or in focus, but still interesting. Chickadee at suet feeder, Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary (Mass Audubon), Marshfield, Mass. Chickadee.
A chickadee jumps a sunflower seed in my back yard birdfeeder. Chickadee, S330 on a tether, my back yard. Chickadee with a seed.

14 Black-capped Chickadee photos

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