Mercury capsule
Mercury, US space capsule. Click on thumbnail to load larger image.
At the new Air and Space museum, this unflown Mercury capsule was for a 1963 Alan Shepard mission, but NASA decided instead to end the Mercury program and move on to Gemini.  It was named Friendship 7 II after Shepard’s original 1961 capsule.
Friendship 7 II
The Liberty Bell 7 Mercury capsule was on a national tour when I visited the Kansas Cosmosphere in 2005, bit it was there when I stopped again in 2007 and got this image.  I was back at the Cosmosphere in 2018, but once again the capsule was touring.  As of 2020, Liberty Bell 7 is again on display at the Cosmosphere, which owns it.
Liberty Bell 7
Mercury-Redstone 2 capsule which carried a chimp into space in January 1961, three months prior to the first human launch.  California Science Center, Los Angeles.
Mercury-Redstone 2
Gemini 11, September 1966.  California Science Center, Los Angeles.
Gemini 11
Mercury capsule Faith 7 flown by Gordon Cooper in 1963, Johnson Space Center, Houston.
Faith 7

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