Antarctic people, boats and buildings
Fewer penguins more people - Shots of Deception Island, Palmer Station, the Falklands, and our ship, the Clipper Adventurer. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
One of the guides descends after a hike inside the volcanic caldera that is Deception Island, Dec. 5. Cruising among the icebergs in a Zodiac, Dec. 3. An old building on Deception Island is in shade as the long sunset lights the slopes above, Dec. 5. Our guide Barb explains the workings of the US base at Palmer Station, Dec. 4. We head back to the ship anchored off West Point Island in the Falklands, Dec. 8. Windmill powering a farmhouse, West Point Island in the Falklands, Dec. 8.
Zodiac returns to the ship, Dec. 2. A couple of hikers head toward the Argentine station on Half Moon Island, Dec. 2. A gentoo looks like he wants to catch a ride in the Zodiac, Cuverville Island, Dec. 3. Getting closer to the beach to get a view of elephant seals, near Palmer Station, Dec. 4. The only photo I allowed of myself, Jougla Point in front of a whale skeleton, Dec. 4.

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