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Bad Photos: Well, maybe not BAD, but a selection of images that have some shortcomings but are still interesting. I’m sure I could do better on most of these if I had another chance. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show.
The chickadee on the left didn’t want to share the branch, so the other one tried to escape by hiding under the branch.  The correct part of the scene is not visible or in focus, but still interesting. A shutter speed of 1/250 is quick enough to get a chickadee sitting on a branch, but not nearly fast enough to freeze a tufted titmouse thinking about landing on the same branch. I have dozens of bad woodpecker photos. This Downey Woodpecker was in a dark forested area at Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary.  I got a few ISO 1600 shots.  I donīt like to do a lot of image manipulation, but it was necessary to call upon some of Photoshop’s capabilities to control the high ISO noise. I think I got this woodpecker image in Virginia around 2003 but never posted it because of the placement of a branch that some might consider pornographic.  The branch has been edited out. One of my first digiscoping efforts, Braintree Hawk, 2004.  Couldnīt get this tight with a conventional telephoto lens to show the cottonwood fluff stuck in the branches, but shooting with this setup on a cloudy day through a thick window muddied the sharpness and contrast.
I was walking to Scottsdale Stadium one evening when I saw this sunset.  There were some street lights that I edited out.  Not bad for a grab shot. What to do in Kansas City when you are bored:  Get out your little tripod and little digital camera and shoot fountains until the sun goes down. When I got my Kodak DC290 back in 2000, I went down to a park in Rhode Island to try it out. I got this waving the thing around in the air trying to follow the gulls. If the female cardinal had been facing to the right this might have been a good shot, even with the goldfinch out of focus. Sort of interesting shot of cardinal but not sharp.  Give me another crack at this with the digiscope.
In 2000 I saw this turkey confronting a cat in a bush in front of my house.  A few minutes later I saw the reason for the confrontation as the turkey escorted its three chicks back into the woods.  I got a few blurry shots with the Kodak DC290. Lizard in Arizona.  It was tougher than I thought to shoot these little lizards against the rocks.  This is one that was close to being in focus.

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All photos Đ1998-2021 by Thomas O'Neil