Iceland, May/June 2003
See details of this journey and an account of the May 31 solar eclipse. Click on links to open photo pages.
The Church of Iceland's facility at Skálholt. Day 1 - "You Must Be O'Neil" Some type of plover near Skálholt. (If I don't know what something is, I call it a plover.) Day 2 - The Golden Circle
Oystercatcher. Day 3 - Standing in a Rainbow Icelandic horses graze beneath a glacier. Day 4 - Where is Everybody?
Icelandic tot playing in a beached boat in Djúpivogur. Day 5 - Up the Mountain Oh, so that's a Red-necked Phalarope. Day 6 - Singing in the Church
An Artic Tern on a fencepost near Myvatn, Iceland. Day 7 - Scenic Overload. Arctic tern buzzes around the town park in Ólafsfjörður. Day 8 - Hot Tub
Lighthouse at the entrance to Eyjafjörður fjord, Iceland. Day 9 - Circle of Ice The peak of the annular eclipse at 4:04 a.m., May 31, 2003, Iceland. Exposure 2 seconds at f/8. Day 10 - Ring of Fire
Viking ship sculpture in Reykjavík, Iceland, 2003.  Scanned from 6x9 medium format slide. Day 11 - Walking Reykjavík A typical Icelandic church. Day 12 - The Tourist
Here's my portable solar observatory, Canon 1D camera, 100-400 lens with 1.4x extender, solar filter rubber-banded to the front of the lens. Also note the hand-held solar filter sticking out of camera bag. Never look at the sun without protection! Wrapup

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