Badlands Bighorns
Badlands Bighorns

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South Dakota gallery with 30+ photo pages.


United States and Canada

  • Summer 2020 – Montana fireworks, deer and moose in the yard of our new house, Badlands burrowing owls and bighorns, Colorado hummingbirds, and (not to bury the lead) a trailcam mountain lion. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
  • October 2016 – Simmons Wildlife Safari (NE), Utah National Parks, Olympic skiers in Park City, trailcam update from Wind Cave NP, bighorn sheep in Badlands NP. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
  • Autumn 2008 – Custer State Park and Wind Cave NP (SD), Simmons Wildlife Safari (NE), Bosque del Apache NWR (NM), Squaw Creek NWR (MO) and some other stuff. [Photos] [Narrative]
  • Autumn 2007 – Drive through the western US including Bosque del Apache NWR (MN), Squaw Creek NWR (MO), and a few shots from a local park. [Photos]
  • Alaska – Bears, eagles, seals and icebergs in Southeast Alaska, July 2003. [Photos]
  • British Columbia – Grizzly bears at Knight Inlet, plus orcas, eagles, black bears and other stuff, September 2004. [Photos] [Narrative] [Video]
  • California – 2016 visit. [Photos]
  • Chicago – I temporarily moved to Chicago in 2011-2013. Here are various shots from around the area. [Photos]
  • Florida
  • Kansas – Shorebirds, April 2008. [Photos] [Narrative]
  • Maine – Puffins, August 2004. [Photos] [Narrative] [Video] [Book]
  • Michigan
    • Around Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island, August 2013. [Photos]
    • Around Mackinaw City and Mackinac Island, including a butterfly house, September 2012. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
  • Mississippi River Eagles – Eagles wintering along the river in Iowa, Illinois and Missouri.
  • Missouri - Note: Squaw Creek NWR was renamed Loess Bluffs NWR in 2017.
    • Eagles, Loess Bluffs NWR, December 2019. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Eagles, Loess Bluffs NWR, December 2018. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Eagles and snow geese, Loess Bluffs NWR, December 2017. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Quick trip for eagles, Squaw Creek NWR, January 2016. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Massive flock of geese, Squaw Creek NWR, December 2015. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Rare hawk at Squaw Creek NWR, December 2012. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Return to Squaw Creek NWR, December 2010. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Return to Squaw Creek NWR, December 2006. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Eagles at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge near Mound City in northwest Missouri, December 2005. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • I spent most of summer 2005 in the Kansas City area. [Photos] Also includes weekend trips to Milwaukee, St. Louis and Denver.
  • Montana and Wyoming
  • New England – Wildlife and more, close to home. [Photos]
  • New Mexico, Arizona and the Southwest
    • Bosque del Apache and White Sands, November 2015. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Grand Canyon, Phoenix, New Mexico, October 2013. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Bosque del Apache and White Sands, November 2011. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Bosque del Apache, January 2007. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Bosque del Apache, Arizona Fall League, and also new places in Nevada and California such as Death Valley, November 2005. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Bosque del Apache and the Cactus League, March 2005. [Blog] [Photos]
    • An eclectic mix of hot-air balloons, aerospace, natural wonders and baseball, October 2004. [Narrative] [Photos] [Video]
  • New York City
    • Spring 2012, yet another extended assignment, April-June 2012. [Photos] [Blog entries]
    • Spring 2011, another extended assignment, April-June 2011. [Photos] [Blog entry]
    • Spring 2010, weekend excursions during two-month work assignment including the city, gardens, Philadelphia and West Point, April-June 2010. [Photos] [Blog entry]
  • North Dakota - Why would anyone go to North Dakota unless they are an oil field worker? I have lived in South Dakota most of my life and have been to North Dakota once, circa 1970. Twice if you count a layover in the Bismarck airport on the way to Montana. I've seen all I need to see.
  • South Carolina
  • South DakotaSouth Dakota Gallery with 30 photo pages.
  • Utah and the West
    • Utah National Parks and other stuff along the way, October 2016. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
  • Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia – Many visits over the years. In addition to the monuments and museums of DC, the wildlife of the surrounding area. [Photos]


  • Species List – [Index].
  • Butterflies – Sertoma Butterfly House, Sioux Falls, SD. [Photos]
  • Braintree Hawks – Since 2002 a Red-tailed Hawk pair has been raising babies in a nest visible from my office building. I have photos from 2002-2004, and also put together a video in 2004. [Photos] [Video]
  • Backyard Habitat – Cardinals and other critters who come to my feeders. [Photos]
  • The Turkey Diaries – The exploits of the neighborhood turkey flock. [Narrative] [Photos] [Videos]
  • Moose – Some miscellaneous moose images from Maine and Grand Teton. [Photos]

Air Shows and Museums

  • Aircraft, Spacecraft and Telescope List – [Index]
  • Blue Angels
    • Sioux Falls Air Show, South Dakota, July 2016. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Chicago Air and Water Show, August 2012. [Photos]
    • Sioux Falls Air Show, South Dakota, July 2009. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Rhode Island Air National Guard, Quonset Point, June 2005. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Rhode Island Air National Guard, Quonset Point, June 2003. [Photos]
  • Thunderbirds
    • Sioux Falls Air Show, South Dakota. August 2019. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Aviation Nation in Las Vegas, November 2005. [Photos]
    • Rhode Island Air National Guard, Quonset Point, June 2004. [Photos]
  • TICO Warbirds Air Show, Titusville, Florida
  • Flying Legends – WWII warbirds at Duxford RAF base, July 2002. [Photos]
  • Wings of Freedom tour – B-17, B-24, B-25, P-51 on tour, July 2008. [Photos]
  • Museums and Displays
    • National Air and Space Museum, Washington, D.C.; Kennedy Space Center, Cape Canaveral, Florida; Pima Air and Space Museum, Tucson, Arizona; and others. [Photos]
    • Johnson Space Center, Houston. [Photos] [Blog Entry]
    • Kansas Cosmosphere, a large air and space museum in the middle of nowhere. [Photos]

Celestial Phenomena

  • Mercury Transit – Nov. 11, 2019. [Blog Entry and photo]
  • Total Solar Eclipse – August 21, 2017. [Photos] [Blog Post]
  • Mercury Transit – May 9, 2016. [Photo]
  • Partial solar eclipse – Oct. 23, 2014. [Photos]
  • Venus Transit – one image shot with small camera through binoculars while I was working in NYC, June 5, 2012. [Photo]
  • Venus Transit – seen from my back yard in Massachusetts, June 8, 2004. [Photos]
  • Annular Eclipse – Seen from Iceland, May 30, 2003. [Photos]
  • Sun and moon and stars – A few sky shots. [Photos]

Other Stuff


  • Species List – [Index].
  • Aircraft, Spacecraft and Telescope List – [Index]

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