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Kansas Cosmosphere 2005: Kansas Cosmosphere in Hutchinson 2005, with followup visits in 2007 and 2018. Also see other museum displays. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show.
Redstone rocket, Kansas Cosmosphere, Hutchinson. Apollo 13 command module Odyssey, Kansas Cosmosphere, Hutchinson. The Apollo 13 capsule in 2018 at the Kansas Cosmosphere. Hasselblad camera used on the lunar surface during Apollo 14, Kansas Cosmosphere, Hutchinson. Gemini X capsule, Kansas Cosmosphere, Hutchinson.  The spacewalk of astronaut Michael Collins is depicted.
The Gemini X capsule in 2018 at the Kansas Cosmosphere. SR-71 Blackbird looms over the lobby of the Kansas Cosmosphere, Hutchinson. The Liberty Bell 7 Mercury capsule was on a national tour when I visited the Kansas Cosmosphere in 2005, so after it went on permanent display I stopped again in 2007. Lunar rover in 2018 at the Kansas Cosmosphere.

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