Arizona - Wildlife, desert scenery, baseball.


    • Drive to the Southwest: Wyoming, Idaho, Nevada, California, Arizona, Utah, April 2022. [Photos] [Narrative]



    • Baseball: Favorite baseball images from 1998-2005. Spring training, Arizona Fall League, Fenway Park, other venues. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Cactus League: Surprise Stadium in Arizona, spring home of the Royals and Rangers. [Photos]
    • Desert Wildlife and Plants: Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge in New Mexico, Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, and other stops. [Photos] [Narrative]


    • Arizona Fall League, 2004: Some live baseball to augment playoff baseball on TV. [Photos] [Narrative]
    • Southwestern Landscapes: Landscapes such as White Sands National Monument, New Mexico. [Photos] [Narrative]


    • Air and Space: Air and space museums and displays, Tucson, Arizona, 2002. [Photos]


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