Space Shuttle
Space Shuttle, US spacecraft. Click on thumbnail to load larger image.
The unfortunate Columbia being prepared for last flight.
Hail Columbia
At the new Air and Space museum, the Space Shuttle Enterprise, which was used for approach and landing tests during development of the shuttle program.
The Space Shuttle Enterprise heading up the Hudson River on April 27, 2012 during its transport from Washington to New York, where it will be displayed at the Intrepid museum.
Enterprise NYC
Los Angeles City Hall, as seen from the memorial in Little Tokyo for Challenger astronaut Ellison Onizuka.
Challenger Memorial
Control panel for Space Shuttle replica Independence, Johnson Space Center, Houston.
Space Shuttle Independence mounted on 747, Johnson Space Center, Houston.  The shuttle is a replica but the 747 is one of those used in the program.
Galileo shuttle craft from the Starship Enterprise, Johnson Space Center, Houston.  Unfortunately just a mockup.

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