Around New York City
New York City Buildings, Monuments and Museums, Spring 2012. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Radio City Music Hall, NFL Draft. The Space Shuttle Enterprise heading up the Hudson River on April 27, 2012 during its transport from Washington to New York, where it will be displayed at the Intrepid museum. Times Square, New York City. Statue of Liberty, New York City.  I got a better shot back in 2010. Lower Manhattan, New York City.  The Freedom Tower now rivals the Empire State Building as the cityīs tallest. The Freedom Tower, New York City.
View up the Hudson from my work location, Lower Manhattan. Big chandelier at the World Financial Center, New York. I donīt know why this is on a stair rail in a New York subway station. Model of the new Mars rover Curiousity at the New York Museum of Natural History.  The rover is scheduled to land on Mars Aug. 5, 2012. Rose Center for Earth and Space, American Museum of Natural History, New York. Unisphere in Flushing Meadows-Corona Park, New York.
Roosevelt Island Tram, New York. Statue of Liberty, New York. Statue of Liberty, New York. Ellis Island, New York. Flag on Ellis Island looking toward lower Manhattan, New York. Lower Manhattan from the Empire State Building 86th floor observation deck, New York.
Looking up from 86th floor observation deck, Empire State Building, New York. Looking south along the Hudson, One World Trade Center under construction, New York. 1909 clock restored by Tiffany in 2011, Flatiron District, New York. 1909 clock restored by Tiffany in 2011, Flatiron District, New York. Flatiron Building, New York. Transit of Venus, taken in New York City, June 5, 2012.  I was on extended assignment and didnīt have my big scopes or camera, so I took this with a small handheld camera through my binoculars, which were covered by a solar filter.  I have some somewhat better photos from the 2004 transit.  Transits come in pairs separated by long gaps, so the next transit will not occur until 2117.
Chrysler Building at dusk.  Maybe the only camera phone photo Iīve posted on my site, but (for me) it captures a mood.  And the street light hanging over the scene sort of brought to mind a Martian walker from "War of the Worlds."

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June 2012
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May 2012
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April 2012
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4/28/2012 New York Again - Extended assignement in New York City for the third straight spring. flower

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May 2012
5/6/2012 New York Butterflies - American Museum of Natural History butterflies. butterfly

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