London, July 2002
Two full days were taken up going to Duxford for the air show, so I had only a day and a half to look around London. My hotel was in the Kensington area (my room was SO small!) and I wandered through the park there after recovering somewhat from the inbound flight. The day after the air show I went around to all the usual sights one associates with London and got some ’Proof I was there’ snapshots. All of these photos were taken with the digital Elph so they really are just snapshots. I already had enough film to process and scan from the air show. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Swans at Kensington. Goose at Kensington. Queen Victoria, Kensington.  The plaque reads, "Victoria. R. -1837- Here in front of the palace where she was born and where she resided vntil her accession.  Her loyal Kensington svbjects erect this statve.  The work of her davghter to commemorate fifty years of her reign." My huge hotel room. St. Paul's Cathedral. Westminster Abbey.
Flying Bombs tote sheet, underground Cabinet War Rooms. Churchill's desk and bed, Cabinet War Rooms. A telephone, Cabinet War Rooms. Cabinet War Rooms switchboard, note the gas mask. Parliament. This is London.

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July 2002
7/14/2002 Flying Legends - Air show at Duxford RAF and touring London. airshow

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