California and Nevada, 2005
Mojave and Death Valley in California, various sites in Nevada. Click on any image to load larger image and start slide show. [Narrative]
Coyote finds prey hiding in a bush, Death Valley. Brief pause after consuming small prey. Coyote checks out some road kill in Death Valley. Coyote walking down the road, Death Valley. Death Valley. Roadrunner near the Death Valley National Park Visitor Center.
Quail, Death Valley. Quail, Death Valley. LBB (little brown bird), Death Valley National Park Visitor's Center. Joshua Tree, Mojave Preserve, California. Black-throated sparrow, Mojave Preserve, California. Black-throated sparrow, Mojave Preserve, California.
Burned area in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada. Kyle Canyon, Nevada. Grebe, Ash Meadows NWR, Nevada. Elephant Rock, Valley of Fires State Park, Nevada.

Blog Entries for California and Nevada, 2005:
November 2005
11/15/2005 Southwest, Fall 2005 - Summary of trip to Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and California. nwr, airshow

Blog Entries for other Southwest, Fall 2005:
November 2005
11/12/2005 Phantom - Favorite image of F-4 Phantom at Aviation Nation airshow
11/3/2005 The Bosque, Old Reliable - Bosque del Apache National Wildlife Refuge, New Mexico. crane, hawk

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