I own six trail cameras, four of which are in the field. Click on the link to see images from that camera:

  • #1 Bushnell purchased 2009 is obsolete and has been retired.
  • #2 Reconyx PC900 has been in Wind Cave National Park since 2011.
  • #3 Moultrie M-880 acquired 2014 and is currently in Custer State Park.
  • #4 Primos Proof Cam 02 HD acquired 2015 and except for night is almost useless. During the daytime, images are blown out and false triggers are constant. No way to set it to capture only at night so I'm not wasting lithium batteries on it. I use it with rechargeable batteries for short-term tests.
  • #5 Browning Strike Force HD Pro is at my brother's cabin in Montana.
  • #6 Browning Strike Force HD Pro is in Wind Cave National Park.

I have posted regular trailcam updates to my blog since 2011.

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