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Ibis. Dec. 21, 2002. Two ibises, or ibi, or whatever. Dec. 21, 2002. An ibis forages as a snowy egret follows. Dec. 22, 2002. An ibis notices that his pals have a better perch higher up. Dec. 23, 2002. Another kind of ibis, the Glossy Ibis. Dec. 25, 2002.
Ibis in flight. Dec. 26, 2002. Glossy Ibis in flight. Dec. 27, 2002. Ibis in flight. Dec. 28, 2002. Red Ibis at National Zoo, 2004. Ibis, Ding Darling NWR (Bailey Tract), Sanibel Island, Florida.
Ibis, Big Cypress Bend, Florida.

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